We are proud to announce, that we have rented the first rooms for our Happy Kids Program in Buea, Cameroon!!!
We are more then happy and looking forward to make the program now available for more kids.

But there are a few things to do, before we can start. The rooms have to be renovated. And here we need your help.

We decided, that we will start the renovation with the Virtual Classroom. So we can continue our classes with Skype.

Here is a picture how the room looks now…

What has to be done:

  • the walls have to sealed outside and inside with wooden plates
  • a new iron door has to be installed, for more safety
  • a new floor
  • and we have to get some chairs and tables

The costs will be around 390,- Euro


So we would be very happy, if you help as out with a donation to fix those things.

For all donators, we have something special.
Everyone can follow the opening of the Virtual Classroom via webinar.
The first 9 will be invited into the conference, so they can speak with the kids.

Thanks a lot for your support!



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