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All started with a dream. When Martin was a kid, he wanted to teach children in Africa one day. With the help of the Austrian organization „Grenzenlos“ he could realize his dream in the year 2014 going to Buea, Cameroon.

After some adjustment time, he helped teachers in the Jamiandiale school from the organization „United Action for Children„.

Martin wanted to more and started with six kids the „Project Happiness“. As the end of his stay come closer, he didn’t want the project to end. He organized through donations a notebook and the kids and Martin could continue the lessons via Skype. There was still a lot to talk and learn about happiness.

Since then a over a year has gone by where the kids and Martin has met every Saturday. Martin has now come to a point, where he want to realize his next dream – to build and open a school in Africa. So thats why he founded the Happy Kids Foundation, that more kids in Buea Cameroon can learn about the important things in life and also find their passion.

The first compound with four rooms is now rented. We are now rearranging the rooms that we soon can start the Happy Kids Program.

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